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Open the brackets using the appropriate form of the verb.

1. I ______________________ (have) a nightmare when the alarm clock _______________________________________ (go off and wake me up).
2. We _________________________ (fly) to Australia later this summer. It’s a long flight. It’s strange that when we ________________________ (get) to Sydney, we _____________________________ (fly) half way round the world.
3. I’ll come as long as you __________________________ (pay).
4. I ______________________________ (tell) you a secret on condition that you __________________________ (not tell) anyone.
5. It was such lovely weather that we ______________________ (take) our swimming things in case we _________________________ (get) a chance to go swimming.
6. Pay no attention to Graham. He ________________________ (just/be) stupid again.
7. By the time Jean gets back, it ________________________ (be) too late.
8. In twenty four hours’ time I ________________________________ (relax) on my yacht.
9. By the end of next year I ____________________________ (work) for him for 45 years.
10. He must be tired. He ______________________________ (jog) for a whole hour. – Why ______________________________ (he/jog) so much these days?
11. ____________________________ (I/do) the shopping for you?
12. Watch out! You _________________________ (bang) your head on the doorframe. – Oh! I ___________________ (not realize) it _______________________ (be) so low.
13. Why __________________________ (you/feel) the radiator? _______________________ (it/feel) cold in here?
14. Can you remember what ___________________________ (you/do) ten years ago today?
15. The trouble with you is that you _________________________ (forever/complain).
16. Come on! By the time you ____________________________ (finish) getting ready, we ________________________ (miss) the train!
17. One of the most important pieces of news now is that the British Oil Corporation __________________________ (discover) oil under the sea near the Welsh coast. The com-pany, which ____________________________ (drill) for oil in the area since 1990, ____________________ (find) small amounts of oil near Swansea last month, and since then _______________________ (discover) larger amounts under the seabed nearby. The reaction of local people to today’s news __________________________ (be) mixed so far. *
18. The baby _____________________ (keep/close) his eyes. He _____________________ (fall) asleep soon.
19. I ___________________________ (work) hard, so I felt I ______________________ (de-serve) a holiday.
20. We _________________________ (own) the car for 6 months when it _________________ (get) stolen.

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Английский язык, опубликовано 08.11.2018

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